The tourism industry represents one of the most outstanding activities in the world due to the economic spillover it causes in places where activities for this sector are created and promoted.One of the most important and trending branches is the Gastronomic Tourism, defined as “A form of tourism, where the interest is placed on the gastronomy and culinary culture of the place that is visited.” It is said that through Gastronomic Tourism, the origin and history of the cultures of humanity can be witnessed, many define it as a door to explore the world.Gastronomic Tourism is choosing to visit a destination based on its culinary characteristics. The purpose is to know and enjoy the traditional delicacies, learn about ingredients from the region and to become familiar with the culture through its dishes.Based on this interest that people express in visiting the places and cultures through their gastronomy, today there are specific activities that offer this experience; the gastronomic routes, which have become an obligatory activity when it comes to getting to know a region, since they help people to explore and learn about regional food in a guided and orderly way. Currently, these types of “routes” have become a trend and thus, we can find tours of wines, cheeses, fruits,pasta, specific cuisines, etc.However, this form of tourism is not only for food lovers, but for anyone who is willing to go on a real adventure, have different experiences anddiscover another way of seeing the world.It is important to mention that Gastronomic Tourism is not limited only to the tasting of the traditional dishes of the regions that are visited, it consists of getting involved in different ways with the local culture, including the process of production and processing of the ingredients used to prepare food.So, if you are a fan of getting to know new places and new cultures, you will surely be interested in trying traditional dishes or foods that are made with ingredients produced in the region, which is why we invite you to Tijuana B.C. Get to know Farmer’s Table, a must-see restaurant. We proudly offer great food, prepared fromDelicious recipes of Italian cuisine made with fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients; open 7 days a week, we invite you to make your reservation at +52 (664) 454-0180 though walk-ins are welcome. At Farmer’s Table you will enjoy one of the best culinary experiences that Baja California has to offer, and remember that “Food is a language with which harmony, creativity and culture can be expressed.”

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The art of fresh, organic, and local food

The art of fresh, organic, and local food

The study of food and the surrounding cultural environment is what we call “gastronomy.” Every dish we consume, every new ingredient, taste, smell and how visually appealing it is, is what creates a culinary experience.

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